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Why Harbour.Space?

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Got a job before graduation

Front-end developers are in demand. Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Starting this academic year, join students from around the world in this new programme with the option to study in our Bangkok or Barcelona Campus.
Application deadline:
November 14, 2021

Apply now and get up to 50% off the tuition fee

The application process is the same for everyone, Harbour.Space is a global academic institution catering to students of all nationalities, genders, and cultural backgrounds. We require a proficiency level of English and to upload your CV.
3 yearS

Bachelor's degree

Candidates with a diploma and transcript of their highest educational level will need to complete an entrance Math Test.
1 year

Master's Degree

Candidates who already have a Bachelor's Degree will need to complete a Practical Challenge.
Apply before November 14, to receive a discount on your application fee.
Instead of paying 125€, the fee reduces to the non-refundable 85€.

About Front-end Development

Do you love technology and enjoy creating? Are you looking for an exciting career?

Then Front-end Development might be for you! The programme gives you the core skills needed to work as a front-end developer at any company today.  This study mixes excellent teaching in both design and engineering, providing a unique environment for students to explore creative coding based on a strong design foundation.

What you will learn

Code up to industry standards

Gain hands-on experience learning from experts in the field, sharing their expertise and work ethics with students. You’ll receive a high and low-level view of the modern front-end landscape and become part of a fantastic community.

Master new tech frequency

Learn in year intensive courses what usually would take you years of working experience. Master the core skills needed to launch your career, upgrade your knowledge or make a career change at any company today.

The languages

Our programme is up-to-date with all the emerging and innovating front-end technologies. You will learn the most top-notch javascript frameworks, CSS preprocessors and methodologies, responsiveness and design.

Level up your skills

With excellent teaching in Front-end Development and Front-end Engineering, you will also learn the core foundations of Interaction Design and Front-end Architecture, gaining insights into what it is to work as a lead in the field.

Meet your instructors

The best way to learn is by immersion in the field and learning directly from the source. We only invite practicing professionals to the frontlines - tech and creative superstars as faculty and programme directors.

Hjörtur Hilmarsson

Co-Founder, Creative Developer and CEO at14islands

Rachel Inman

Staff UX Design Lead at Google

Marco Barbosa

Managing Director and Co-founder at 14islands

Joshua Davis

Founder and Creative Director at Joshua Davis Studios

Po-Chen Chia

Motion Designer & Art Director in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Munish Dabas

Staff Product Designer at Facebook

About Harbour.Space

Harbour.Space is a university for the resourceful, the future-minded and the change-hungry. If you’re devoted to developing and executing big ideas in design and technology that will positively affect the world, Harbour.Space could be your academic home.
Our aim is not only to equip students with the knowledge to take on the real world, but to nurture, create and shape tomorrow’s tech superstars.

We change the way we learn

Experienced professionals teach students the ropes. This brings the brightest minds of today and tomorrow.

We learn by doing

Industry experience cannot be learned in books. By learning through their creative solutions and mistakes, they retain that understanding forever.

We are your home

We are a community of over 53 nationalities and growing. You have the opportunity to work with world-renowned researchers, and thought leaders.

Students at Harbour.Space

Mayra Jannette Sanchez
Master in Interaction Design
There is an amazing environment of constant growth and sharing. Classmates are so talented and everyone is ready to help and give you real feedback. It is not a typical programme, is tough, teachers will push your limits but is worth it every time.
Ciaran Kelly
Master in Interaction Design
The teachers here are amazing. Their experience, expertise and the quality of feedback that they provide dramatically accelerate the learning curve. All of this combined with an education model that is far more effective than the traditional one I’m used to, making this a very worthwhile investment for me.
Margherita Giottoli
Master in Interaction Design
Po is a very talented, prepared and interesting teacher. After his class, I’ve been able to create crazy things! I loved his lectures, every day I was curious about what new things I was going to learn next.
Miguel Celma
Bachelor in Computer Science
Most of my classes are coding and math, logical tasks, but as humans, we are way more than that. That’s why combining coding with ID classes is an amazing experience to unlock a new creative mindset which, merged with coding skills, can give birth to wonderful projects and experiences.
Robbie Sands
Master in Interaction Design
It has been such a defining experience for me as a professional and creative. In collaboration with classmates, I have built ideas into real products and designs. HS is a home where anything can happen if you dedicate yourself and that’s what’s most special. The resources are all here: fin-tech mentors, brilliant designers, global networks, and hustle.

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With our Front-end Development Scholarship instead of paying €125 for the application fee, the price reduces to the non-refundable €85 for all our degrees.

The fee guarantees we can process every single application fairly and maintain the highest possible standard of assessment. 

This will only be offered to those who pay the application fee before November 14, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply?

The deadline to apply for the Front-end Development Scholarship is November 14, 2021 or until full enrolment has been reached. Therefore, we recommend applying as soon as possible to ensure that there is a place available within the programme (and to have time to process your visa application, if required).

What level of English proficiency is required?

As all of our courses are taught in English, we require that our students speak and comprehend English well. While we take work experience and standardised test scores into consideration, we do not have a specific set of requirements. Your abilities to convey your thoughts in English and whether they will be good enough to engage during the courses will be mainly evaluated during the interview.

What happens if I get accepted, but cannot join the University because of COVID-19?

We understand we’re living in uncertain times. That’s why students who are unable to pursue their education offline will have the option of deferring their studies to another semester or year.
In that case, they are kindly requested to communicate their decision as soon as possible to the Admissions Team. They will be more prepared than ever to help and evaluate each applicant’s situation on a case-by-case basis to find a solution that ensures that nobody misses the opportunity to join Harbour.Space.

Is there accommodation provided?

Accommodation is not provided by Harbour.Space. Students are expected to find their accommodation on their own. We will add you to a student accommodation group at your request and provide an accommodation guide. We can also recommend some student organisations that could help you with finding housing.

Do I need a visa?

For our campus in Barcelona, all students from Non-European Union countries must obtain a student visa in their countries. For our campus in Bangkok, all non-Thai national students must first submit the documents to the local Thai Embassy or Consulate to apply for the visa in their countries, following the process of applying to the COE (Certificate of Entry).
A student visa will allow the holder to remain in either Spain or Thailand to seek studies, research or training programmes.